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A flash fiction anthology of fourteen stories of suspense. Some have twists, some not so much, and others are just plain weird. But they all have one thing in common: they are very, very short!

On The Run is an anthology of fourteen “flash” fiction stories, which can be read in five minutes or less.

Great for when you’re in the doctor’s waiting room, and you know he (or she) runs at least fifteen minutes behind schedule. Or when you finally make it to the gym, and you’re on that boring treadmill, and there is absolutely nothing worth watching on that monitor in front of you. Unless you like daytime talk shows, Judge Judy or soap operas. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the wash cycle to complete but the clothes still have a few more minutes before they’re ready to be tossed into the dryer.

This is a good way to read without investing much of that precious commodity: TIME.

And it might help you, the reader, decide to either A) read more of the author’s work or B) never, ever pick up anything this guy’s written again. Either way, short stories are a great barometer to see if you want to invest time (and money) in longer works.